Planting seeds of life. Here’s your opportunity to do the same.

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome (back)!

This just in and I had to spread the love: An awesome group of youtubers have joined forces to make it easy for you to do something about climate change. I know so many people, who want to help, but just don’t know where to start. Researching the best options online can be daunting—believe me, I’ve been doing it for weeks and there’s still no end in sight. But I’ve found out a couple of things. For example, planting trees, especially diverse local species in tropical climates, is one of the most effective (and beautiful!) measures to heal Mother Earth (see sources here, here, and here), who has fed us, clothed us, and gave us shelter for all these millenia.

And this is exactly what these youtubers are doing: Planting 20 million trees until 2020. But they need your help: If you have a dollar to spare, spend it on a tree! For each buck you donate, they’ll plant one. This is the perfect Christmas gift from friends and family! Because let’s be real: We already have every gadget we need, every perfume, edible arrangement, and, like, 1 billion pairs of socks. And I gave the NGO the youtubers collaborate with a little background check: They compare really well! Transparent, effective, and competent.

That’s why I think supporting this initiative is a no-brainer! I just planted 100 trees and I want to know from you in the comments how many you’ve planted. One, five, ten, or even more! Just visit and you’re good to go. Every single one makes a difference. And believe me: Making a positive change in this world is one of the biggest drivers of happiness there is. Thanks so much, yours truly, Thomas, The Happiness Nerd

17 thoughts on “Give Life, Feel Alive

  1. I’ve planted 20 through the program and I’m wanting to donate at least 32 by my 32 birthday on the 20th of this month. Asking for it as my birthday present from others, and doing the rest myself, as a 32 year old tends to. 😏☺️🥰 thanks for blogging about this!!!!

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