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Hello my dear happiness nerds, happy New Year!

I want to kick off 2021 with a follow-up to the post The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had. Not only was it the most-read article on my blog in 2020, but also has the idea behind it done a lot for my happiness 😊 If you haven’t read the article (you should!), the gist of it was this: I introduced the idea of “fun-raising”, a way to help people in your community directly, have fun doing it, and support a good cause at the same time. I described it like this:

“You help somebody else and instead of paying you they donate to a charity of your choice. Simple, right? Yet, it combines much of what is best about fundraising, volunteer work, and pro bono work (which are all terrific already!) and adds some unique advantages.”

As advantages I listed that it’s very simple, efficient, fun, flexible, and meaningful as well as that it connects you with others, costs only a little bit of your time but none of your money, leaves you in total control, and can be done by anyone.

Now that everybody’s up to date, what is this post about? I asked you guys to let me know if fun-raising already is a thing and apparently it is! At least there seems to be one awesome human being who has been doing it for a while now; of course, without calling it “fun-raising” and introducing it as a new method to do good, but what matters is that he has raised the equivalent of $15,000 as of October 24, 2020. Here’s the article my best friend sent me to bring his work to my attention. In it they write how Phil Heckels, the 38-year-old awesome human being from the UK, has been drawing adorable pet portraits for around $390 each, all of which he donates to a homelessness charity. What a legend!

This article has motivated me to intensify my fun-raising efforts this year to gain some serious cash for our burning rainforests, the lungs of beautiful Mother Earth. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same! From my own experience—and Phil highlights this in the article—it really is a lot of fun and so fulfilling. Here’s the NGO I donate to—it’s the most effective and reputable one when it comes to saving our rainforests and pulling record amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere: The Rainforest Coalition.

All the best to you and much love as always


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10 thoughts on “Do It Like This Guy!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, my friend and I were really blown away by it when we discussed fun-raising. So cool that you want to contribute! =) Now that you’ve read the original post you know that you can just start your own little project, whatever you enjoy and are good at. Let me know anytime you fun-raise, then I can add the raised amount to the worldwide fun-raising statistic 🙂

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am trying a version of Fun Raising myself. I just made a post about it in my blog in which a person can donate to a nonprofit in exchange for a painting. I’m starting with a different type of organization but plan to do it for environmental organizations in the future. I will let you know how it goes.

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    1. Just read your post. So cool, thanks so much and congrats! Survivor help is also a really great cause. Please let met know how much you could raise as I want to keep track of global fun-raising efforts to maybe post a tracker some day.

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    1. So awesome!! You really get stuff done, don’t you =) I already placed a donation – it’s a great cause you’re supporting! Love your initiative. Hope to see you again sometime.


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