The Second Best Idea I’ve Ever Had?

Picture from my walk today (no filter etc.—the forest was just really this vibrant!)

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome back!

Just a short post today, because I have an appointment soon, but I also want to get out my inspiration =) I just had the most beautiful walk through the late-fall, early-winter forest close to my home—you know, the kind of walk that opens your heart and connects you with everything.

As I often do on such walks, I mixed moments of silent mindfulness (kind of like shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”) with listening to hours of educational podcasts. I learned so much, felt good in my body, was really awe-struck at times, and wished I could share this with somebody.  

Hence, my idea: This could be an awesome fun-raising project (aka the best idea I’ve ever had)! I call it Wander-Bildung™©®(jk)  

So, What is Wander-Bildung?

Wander-Bildung is a blend of the two German words “Wanderlust” (= travel bug) and “Weiterbildung” (= advanced training/education). So, it means having a seminar (about anything) while walking outside.

For example, I as The Happiness Nerd could give lectures or workshops on psychology, meditation, or fun-raising while walking through a beautiful Swiss forest with the participants. This has a few advantages over giving a course inside:

  • We’re walking, not standing/sitting, which is great for our health
  • We’re all facing in the same direction, which may facilitate discussions on more equal footing
  • The forest environment and bodily activation through walking may enhance our creativity
  • The forest is simply prettier than any lecture hall imho
  • It’s also better ventilated, which is still relevant during this ongoing (and in Europe worsening) pandemic, unfortunately
  • Because there are no slides, presenters really have to think about how to make the content palatable and engaging
  • It’s only feasible with small, local groups of participants, so it’s more intimate and connecting (although a hybrid format with livestream could broaden the audience—and they may be listening to the stream while walking in their own local environments)

Also: Wander-Anything!

Wander-Bildung doesn’t have to be limited to seminars and such. It can also be used for meetings, cocktail parties, relationship arguments—you name it! Because our spines haven’t evolved for sitting. They have evolved for walking. For wandering!

What do you think about Wander-Bildung? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll head to my appointment now and think about what my first Wander-Bildung seminar could be about. Also, let me know any topics you’d like to hear more about.

Much love


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14 thoughts on “The Second Best Idea I’ve Ever Had?

  1. Ahhh Thomas fun-building,what a creative expression. Yes! Everyday I walk my forest. My best time each morning. It’s the green I think, oh and the creeks and whats in them too. I always come our refreshed if not muddied, I have so many photos. The forest poses for me, always a new side to her. Great idea, I have some people who would enjoy this walking meditation. Thank you

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    1. Nice, you went ahead and built your own word: Fun-raising + Wander-Bildung = fun-building, love it 😀
      Such a great habit with the daily walk in the wood! In which country do you live? I want to picture the woods there 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!!

      Liked by 1 person

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