So Much Love, So Little Time

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome (back)! Recently, I started a mini-series on love by scrutinizing two lines from a Beatles song that most people would probably just accept as true “It’s easy. All yFou need is love.” While these eight words might already be a good enough guiding principle towards a happier life, I […]

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Change Yourself or Change the World?

This is probably the most pervasive question that has emerged during my journey towards happiness. How much of happiness really comes from within and how much of it comes from our current circumstances? Which aspect do we have more control over and which one is easier to change? Seasoned readers of philosophy might find this […]

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Let’s Talk Happiness!

Welcome to my blog, I’m Thomas, the happiness nerd, and I’m here to discuss my thoughts and experiences on my path to happiness. I’ve looked wide and deep, read a lot, discussed a lot, practiced some, and want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. In my content I’ll focus on scientifically sound […]

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