Feeling Unhappy? This Is Why.

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome back! I was just working on a research project on so-called “mental health problems” and I thought part of it could give you some great insights into happiness. But this time framed through the lens of how things can go wrong (in the sense that they cause suffering). It’s […]

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Do It Like This Guy!

Hello my dear happiness nerds, happy New Year! I want to kick off 2021 with a follow-up to the post The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had. Not only was it the most-read article on my blog in 2020, but also has the idea behind it done a lot for my happiness 😊 If you haven’t […]

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And That’s Supposed to Help?!

… is what I often hear when I talk about the power of the present moment. Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome back! So, what’s so special about the present moment and how’s it supposed to help lead a happier life anyway? I’ve heard many attempts at answering this question in a compelling way, but […]

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