A Win-Win-Win Situation

Hey lovely happiness nerds! Part 2 of my last post is coming soon, but in the meantime I’d like to step up my fun-raising game (read about it here and here). For those who don’t know, fun-raising is the best way I know to do good, because it is a win-win-win situation: You offer a […]

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A Love Letter to You

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome back! I noticed that the less I write the more you do, so let’s try another short one today. Again, it’s a quote by a poet that really touched me. It’s the second half of the poem My Hovel by Zen master Ikkyū Sōjun. What good are old kōans […]

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At the Love Buffet

Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome (back)! A few weeks ago, I started a mini-series on love, because it’s one of the most fundamental keys, if not the most fundamental key to a happy life. In the last post, I started discussing who and what to love, and I outlined a general principle to increase […]

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