About This Project

Welcome to my blog, I’m Thomas, The Happiness Nerd, and I want to know how one can be truly happy in this precious and absurd little life we have.

I’ve looked wide and deep, read a lot, discussed a lot, practiced some, and want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. My journey includes the study of psychology, philosophy, and art history, a PhD in motivational psychology, and a special interest for stoicism, epicureanism, buddhism, daoism, existentialism, psychotherapy, contemporary happiness studies, and others.

Join me in exploring and discussing the many possible paths to happiness, not only for oneself, but for one’s fellow human beings, and ultimately for all sentient beings. I’ll try to focus on scientifically sound and/or logically coherent approaches to happiness, which are grounded in “reality” (or what we can grasp of it)—you know, the nerdy way. If you want to know, which life-changing experience inspired me to start this blog, read about it here. If you want to jump straight to my roadmap towards happiness, this is the post for you. I also wrote a mini-series on love, which starts here, and some poetry for you to enjoy here.

And a special recommendation: My favorite happiness habit.

For my one-year anniversary I posted an overview of all my posts until that point, ranked from most-read to least-read: Check it out here! #2 may surprise you 😉

I hope that you will engage with me in the comments, so I can learn from your knowledge and experience! Everybody with decent manners is welcome to join the discussion!

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Thanks for reading, have a happy day!

Yours truly

Thomas, The Happiness Nerd

PS: If you want some more personal information about me, I answer some questions from a fellow blogger in this post.